Yes, Worry about Women Coming Forward. Worry a lot.

Elizabeth Renzetti writes about the problems for women in coming forward. It is a welcome recognition of a serious, and all too underreported, reality of the #MeToo era.   As we observed recently:

The same lack of respect for victims and the inept, often ill-intentioned, handling of these matters that causes women to abandon their complaints, or not report wrongdoing at all, is occurring in the public sector, in government agencies, in banks and throughout the workplace even in 2018. Poised on their cloud of Hollywood-inspired #MeToo myths, and too distant from the everyday world of most women, the surprising fact is the media haven’t picked up on that story. When they do, that will be the next wave of #MeToo shockers.

The wall of disbelief, disrespect and outright hostility that women encounter when they finally find the courage to seek healing leaves too many victims regretting that they ever came forward.  This has been the experience of a shocking number who have reached out to The ZeroNow Campaign™ to share their nightmares of re-victimization.  I know what it is like because I am one of them. The world needs to know about these stories, too.