Welcome. The ZerONow Campaign is an internationally recognized advocacy for combating gender violence and sexual harassment and for banning NDAs. It is now part of Compassion Innovation Labs. The ZerONow Campaign was founded by Kathleen Finlay, an unrelenting champion of change to make the community and the workplace safer for everyone. Through her online advocacy clinic, the first of its kind anywhere, victims around the world have reached out to share their stories and seek help in their healing journeys. Her passionate voice and eloquent writing have made her much in demand as a speaker and media commentator. Her work is regularly cited in parliamentary debates and several of her recommendations for reform have been adopted into federal law. 

Whether presenting groundbreaking legislative and policy ideas to lawmakers, working with the media to give context and background to breaking news stories or supporting victims on their harrowing healing journey, The ZerONow Campaign tackles the causes of sexualized wrongdoing where they exist and promotes solutions that make a difference. Learn more about us here. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Ending institutional betrayal

Gender-based violence and sexual harassment are horrific enough when it comes to the actions of the individual predator. But when the collective mind of a large organizations enables their abuse, or acts to protect them, the harm inflicted on the victim can be even more traumatic. 

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From our sunshine law adopted by the federal government and our call for a national action plan to address gender-based violence and suicide risks to career rebuilding innovations like our Hire Us Back campaign, our advocacy and media outreach is not just changing lives. It’s saving them.  (See advocacy on upper menu)


Our Outreach Clinic has provided lived experience and mentoring support for victims one-on-one since its founding. Not even TimesUpNow does that. (See our Outreach clinic on upper menu)

Sexual misconduct is hazardous to your health.

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Telling your story can change the world. 

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Op-ed, columns and interviews that are making a difference. 



Visit the new site of our 988 Campaign for Canada
CTV National News calls it “three numbers that could make all the difference in saving lives.”

Some of our work from the past.