About Us

The Zer0Now Campaign is a survivor-focused sexual violence, emotional trauma and mental health advocacy.  We support and empower victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and institutional betrayal in their healing journey and help combat the harms of gender-based violence, trauma-related illness and suicide through policy innovations and victim-friendly practices that promote a culture of awareness, compassion and trauma-informed care. We’ re proud to be making a transformative difference in the lives of victims in the everyday world who most need it. 

Our Heroes

Who do we admire most in this #MeToo era? The often unsung, but truly heroic, women from every field  who are standing up against sexual violence and institutional betrayal — in the courts, in the military, in law enforcement, on the campuses and in the everyday workplace. They put their health, their jobs and even their lives at risk in doing so. Tragically, some who have come forward never lived to see the healing outcome they desperately sought. Most of these stories never make it into the media or have the spotlight of a red carpet gala shone on them. We need to make everyone more aware of the price victims from the everyday world pay, and change the culture that allows gender-based violence and sexual harassment to take its enormous toll.  

3 Musts for Victim Survival

Sexual violence, including aggressive forms of sexual harassment, can be among the most devastating events you will ever experience. Moving from being a victim to becoming a survivor can be a difficult journey. How you manage that transition is key to your health and well-being.

That’s why we’ve put the learning experiences of countless survivors, as well as evidence-based recommendations, into a concise primer that will help you make a more informed decision.

The decision is always yours. But knowing your rights and risks can be empowering.


We successfully advocated for a national action plan on gender-based violence and its health consequences. Now, we set out a blueprint for what that plan needs, including the appointment of a gender-based anti-violence Commissioner who should be an officer of Parliament. 

Sexual misconduct is hazardous to your health.

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Telling your story can change the world. 

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From our sunshine law adopted by the federal government and our call for a national action plan to address gender-based violence and suicide risks to career rebuilding innovations like our Hire Us Back campaign, our advocacy and media outreach is not just changing lives. It’s saving them. 


Our Outreach Clinic has provided lived experience and mentoring support for victims one-on-one since its founding.  Not even TimesUpNow does that. 

Ending institutional betrayal

Gender-based violence and sexual harassment are horrific enough when it comes to the actions of the individual predator. But when the collective mind of a large organizations enables their abuse, or acts to protect them, the harm inflicted on the victim can be even more traumatic. 

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Fighting for healing. It’s my story. 

If #MeToo is to be successful in reducing gender-based violence and sexual harassment, we need to know why some organizations and public leaders can get away with continuing to inflict abuse when victims come forward,  and why the culture of fear and silence is still being enforced.  That’s why I’m sharing my story. It’s a classic case of institutional betrayal.

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Latest News

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Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CTV National News

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A Few Quick Facts

Most cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault are never reported.

An association of HR professionals calls sexual harassment an epidemic.

Three-in-four sexual harassment claims with the EEOC are said to involve retaliation.

One-third of Canadian women say they have been sexually harassed at work.

Nearly half of working women in the U.S. say they have experienced sexual harassment.

and yet…

94Percent of Canadian executives don’t think sexual misconduct on the job is a problem.
95Percent of Canadian executives are men.
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