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Our Victim Outreach Clinic

So many survivors have said that when they first started to encounter the challenges and ordeals of sexual violence and sexual harassment, they wish they’d had more experienced advice — especially from those who had been there before. 

Since I finally summoned the courage to write about this subject six years ago, I’ve heard from hundreds of women around the world. I’d like to say most were survivors but I can’t.  So many are still in the victim stage because institutional betrayal and bad acting organizations have prevented meaningful healing. Indeed, they’ve made the trauma so much worse.

I’ve also heard from family members, and bystanders who wish they’d done more to help a colleague when it was needed. It’s been a pretty full inbox over several years. You might say I was working with the #MeToo movement before it even knew it was the #MeToo movement.

These combined experiences, and the narrative they have built, have become an invaluable learning tool we are happy to share.

If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, whether in the workplace, the community or on the campus, only you can decide to speak out and/or file a formal complaint. But we can provide evidenced-based information and informed perspectives from others who have been where you are that might guide you on your journey. Keep in mind this is for NON-emergency purposes. If you are facing a serious emotional crisis, have thoughts of self harm or believe you are in immediate danger, call 911.  Other emergency hotline numbers can be found here.

The Zer0Now Campaign’s™ Victim Outreach Clinic can offer supportive guidance, mentoring and counselling — or just listen with a compassionate but informed ear. We don’t offer medical advise or provide legal counsel.

Our consultations are initiated by email, which can later migrate to telephone or Skype-based interactions. Be sure in your initiating email to give as much detail as possible. Everything you send will be kept strictly confidential and will never be used without your express written consent.


Courage !

— Kathleen Finlay, Founder
The Zer0Now Campaign™

Want to share your story, get some advice or just be supported by a compassionate voice who’s been where you are?