Crisis Numbers

If you are in immediate need of help, or if you are having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please see crisis hotline numbers below. Imminent threats to life and safety, call 911.

Canadian and U.S. sexual violence hotlines and rape crisis centers 

For non-emergency and mentoring support you can contact The ZeroNow Campaign though our Outreach Clinic

U.S. National Sexual Assault Hotline | Free | 24/7


Canadian and U.S. suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotlines

Never be reluctant to use them. You wound’t hesitate to call 911 if your home were on fire or if you were having a heart attack. An emotional crisis can happen to anyone, just like other emergencies in life. Trained counsellors are at the other end of the phone to help you.  Research shows if you talk with them, you will feel better. 

Canada’s new national lifeline for mental health crisis and suicide prevention:

simply dial 988 from any phone in Canada 




For U.K. Residents

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