About Zer0Now™

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,
‘What are you doing for others?'”

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Three persistent and demonstrable life-altering abuses — sexual trauma and sexual harassment; institutional betrayal and the conditions that heighten the risk of suicide — are among society’s most preventable, costly and vexatious sources of harm.

The Zer0Now Campaign is a survivor-focused sexual violence, emotional trauma and mental health advocacy.

— supporting and empowering victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and institutional betrayal in their healing journey

— helping society combat the harms of gender-based violence, trauma-related illness and suicide through public policy and legislative innovations and victim-friendly practices that promote a culture of awareness, compassion and trauma-informed care.

Each generation is called upon to advance the arc of equity, justice and dignity by which our common humanity is measured. 

The Zer0Now Campaign™ supports victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment by fostering a culture of compassion and trauma-informed care, and by its vigorous advocacy in combating the cycle of fear, silence and institutional betrayal that inflicts so much avoidable harm. For more than a decade, The Zer0Now Campaign™ has offered peer-to-peer counseling, mentoring and advice through its Outreach Clinic to victims of gender-based violence and harassment in the public service, the healthcare, financial services and retail sectors, armed forces, law enforcement, the legal profession, and in the campus community. 

The Zer0Now Campaign™ was founded by Kathleen Finlay, whose work with victims of sexual trauma around the world, and first-hand experience as a victim of sexual assault and institutional betrayal herself, have made her acutely aware of the harmful effects of this social virus on lives, careers, health and families.

The ZeroNow Difference

Our Strategic Focus


Fostering a compassionate, traumainformed culture.

The Zer0Now Campaign™ works to support victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment by fostering a culture of compassion infused by trauma-informed care, and by combating the cycle of fear, silence and re-victimization that acts as a disincentive to women coming forward.  


Exposing institutional betrayal.

Preventing sexual violence and the waves of harm that often follow does not happen by accident. We work to expose the enablers of institutional betrayal and the toxic pain that is so often unleashed against victims at the highest levels by ill-intentioned organizational actors. 


Addressing the health risks of sexual violence. 

Our HealingNow initiative calls for a national strategy to recognize and address the often life-altering emotional and physical conditions, such as PTSD, depression and high blood pressure, that frequently result from sexual violence and related institutional betrayal.  We believe it is imperative that a trauma-informed culture is available at all stages to support victims who come forward. Kathleen Finlay urged mandatory trauma-informed training for all MPs, Senators and senior staff, as well as federally-appointed judges. Her call for the adoption of trauma-informed practices was also made on her behalf on the floor of the Ontario Legislature. The Zer0Now Campaign advocates for a re-imagined approach to preventing suicide, which is becoming an epidemic in certain parts of the population and remains a high risk for victims of sexual violence.


Championing smart changes in law and corporate policy.

Bold changes are needed to effect true zero tolerance and the creation of a victim-centered support culture. We advocate for experience-informed changes in legislation and in organizational paradigms to make the workplace, the campus and the community safer and more victim-focused.  Several governments, including the government of Canada, have already adopted our sunshine law proposals.


Helping victims heal. 

We work with victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment to support them in achieving better outcomes. Women around the world regularly use our Online Outreach Clinic to share their experiences and to seek mentoring and support. We are one of the few resources in the world that responds to the call for help 24/7, including nights, weekends and holidays. We do this without any government funding. All costs are borne by Zer0Now’s founder, Kathleen Finlay. By sharing the learned experiences of survivors with victims on a one-to-one basis, and by offering a compassionate voice and a listening ear, we support women in making informed choices about what is often an inflection point in their lives. 


Working with the media and commenting on breaking news.

Promoting awareness of the consequences of sexual misconduct and the way it is often mishandled is an important step in reaching zero harm. We work with the media to give voice to the incomplete mission of the #MeToo era and to ensure that the realities and abuses faced by everyday women in the everyday world are also understood and subjected to journalistic attention.  Our op-eds and opinion commentaries offer fresh insight and analysis, while our knowledge-base of personal victim narratives and scholarly contributions enables quotable insights on breaking news not available anywhere else.

We believe if it’s not victim-focused, survivor-driven reform, it’s not real reform. That’s the knowledge and  approach The Zer0Now Campaign™ brings.  Experience is what separates myth from reality when it comes to combating sexual violence in all its forms. Compassion and understanding is what moves women from the shadows of victimhood into the bright hope of survivorship.  

Whether you are a victim of sexual violence or sexual harassment, a survivor rebuilding your life, a scholar looking at the trauma of institutional betrayal or a legislator leading in ground-breaking change, we are always happy to hear your voice. You can contact us here.