As with most titanic causes, progress will only be achieved when enough people stand up, speak out and demand a culture of zero tolerance when it comes to sexual violence and sexual harassment. This means: Zero sexual assault.  Zero sexual harassment.  Zero institutional betrayal. Zero harm  We are eager to hear from victims, survivors and others who are interested in advancing safety and dignity in the workplace.  And we are always happy to respond to the media and academic community. Here’s how to reach us, as so many of you do every day.  (These are direct email links.  We don’t like those annoying, character-limited boxes either!)  


Helping Victims 

If you have been a victim of sexual misconduct in the workplace, have an experience you would like to share or are a professional working in this area, we would like to hear from you. The information you provide will never be used without your express permission.    Our online outreach clinic is available for women facing issues involving sexual violence and sexual harassment and managing their aftermath. 

You can reach us by email here.



Helping Survivors

If you are a progressive organization that wants to make a big difference in the lives of survivors, consider our HireUsBack initiative.  It’s aimed at helping women resume careers that were destroyed because they stood up against sexual misconduct.  It’s the great unmet need of the #MeToo era. Please contact us.  You can also help by becoming a mentor.  Women need the experienced voice of compassion to help them navigate a daunting workplace.  


Check out our mentoring program here.



Helping the Media

We help the media. Kathleen Finlay, founder of The Zer0Now Campaign™, is available to assist journalists and researchers in learning about the life-changing impact of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace, and their frequently equally traumatizing aftermath when organizations mishandle the incident. A frequent commentator on the subject whose public submissions have led to improved amendments to #MeToo era legislation, she can provide uniquely informed and spirited comment on breaking news issues and on sea-changing ideas to combat sexual misconduct and help its victims to rebuild their lives.  

Media inquiries should be directed here.