Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CBC’s Go Public | CBC National News

Kathleen Finlay Interviewed on CBC’s Go Public Like sexual violence and sexual harassment, surgery errors, where tools, sponges and other items are mistakenly left inside patients, are considered ‘never’ events. Yet they happen, and when they do they inflict huge emotional trauma on patients and families, in addition to the physical injury to the patient, […]

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CTV National News

Discrimination in healthcare, like discrimination in the workplace, including sexual harassment, is intolerable. Kathleen Finlay was asked by CTV National News to comment on the case of Toronto rapper John River (Matthew John Derrick-Huie),who went to the doctor with chest pains and shortness of breath in 2017 and embarked on a two-year medical nightmare. Part […]

Taking Epstein’s Money: What was TD Bank Thinking?

Kathleen Finlay’s Now Magazine column spotlights TD Bank and the implications of this top Canadian bank being seen as an enabler of one of the most reviled pedophiles of the 21st century.

Senate Betrays Victims of Sexual Misconduct: Kathleen Finlay

Kathleen Finlay’s op-ed in The Hill Times newspaper on how the Canadian Senate is betraying victims of sexual misconduct, and why all MPs and Senators should face mandatory trauma-informed training before they come anywhere close to dealing with the concerns of victims. Online edition available here.

Was TD Bank an Enabler of Jeffrey Epstein’s Abuse?

RECOMMENDED BY THE EDITORS OF MEDIUM Sep 27 · 8 min read Taking Jeffrey Epstein’s tainted money: What was TD Bank thinking? Let’s say you’re a single mom who has lost your job and had some financial problems. Chances are your credit score has taken a hit. If you look for help from a big bank, you probably […]

Doug Ford: The Premier who Promises Victims and then Betrays Them

Here’s another story where Premier Doug Ford breaks his word.  The vulnerable-at-risk meter is at high whenever the Premier and his government are involved.  2/3 But when I reached out to him about the Ontario Securities Commission’s devastating mishandling of my sexual assault (approved by Ford’s appointed Board of Directors), he turned a blind eye and […]

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CTV National News

We are pay­ing as tax­pay­ers for a health­care sys­tem that harms us, and the per­ver­si­ty of it is that we have to pay again to defend the doc­tors who have done the harm. If that isn’t per­verse I don’t know what is. See full interview.

Stop letting the system assault victims of sexual violence over and over

Kath­leen Fin­lay writes in The Hill Times News­pa­per on the unheed­ed and unad­dressed health impli­ca­tions for women of sex­u­al assault and sex­u­al harass­ment on women On-line version. Email comments | inquiry about op-ed column   Read about HealingNow: the groundbreaking initiative from The ZeroNow Campaign    Print version.  Email comments | inquiry about op-ed column Related


In what is arguably the most regressive #MeToo administration anywhere in Canada, it will take more than shuffling a few Cabinet ministers to win the support of Ontario women. He shuffled his cabinet. Then he said goodbye to Dean French, his controversial chief of staff. Now for the hard part in Premier Doug Ford’s battle to […]

MPP Supports Call for Trauma-Informed Practices

Honoured to have this acknowledgment and support for trauma-informed practices part of the retiring speech of a distinguished legislator   “Finally, let me speak about one case that I brought forward in this Legislature, the case of Kathleen Finlay, who experienced sexual harassment and sexual abuse in her employment. She asked for a protocol of all of […]