Sexual harassment

Senator Martha McSally on how the system re-victimized her

U.S. Senator Martha McSally goes public on how the system raped her — all over again. (Watch video below) This is how the U.S. Air Force responded to Senator McSally.  It happened within two hours of her going public.  It is the correct, victim-supportive response that should follow in such situations.

Premier Ford’s War on Women

Since assuming office on June 29, 2018, Doug Ford’s administration has made one decision after another which has hit victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and vulnerable women in abusive relationships and lower-income jobs, the hardest. They also show an unsettling anti-#MeToo bias that places all women at risk — on the campus, in the community […]

Stop Sexual Misconduct from Being Fatal

Kathleen Finlay’s Op-Ed in The Times Colonist.    Go to story. A version of this article, also published in The Huffington Post with links, is available here.  RELATED Stop letting the system assault victims of sexual violence over and over (The Hill Times)  

Krista Carle | Appreciation

A P P R E C I A T I O N Krista Carle  Victim of the horrors of sexual misconduct at the RCMP, Champion in helping others to overcome theirs.   By now it is widely known that sexual harassment in the workplace can be life-altering. What is too often overlooked is that it can […]

Kathleen Finlay Interviewed in London Free Press

A POSSIBLE SOLUTION? Public disclosure of annual harassment statistics and a ban on non-disclosure agreements will go a long way to preventing sexual harassment of women in the workplace, an advocate says. “Until we start to get a better picture, we won’t be able to measure any kind of progress,” Kathleen Finlay, founder of the […]

The Chill of a Tirade

Two recent high-profile stories raise the spectre of a chilling effect on the willingness of women to come forward when they believe they have been the victim of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace.  Read former NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw’s attack  on Linda Vester, who says he sexually assaulted her. More than 60 prominent women take his side, while […]

Kathleen Finlay Interviewed in Hill Times

ZeroNow’s founder, Kathleen Finlay, was interviewed in the Hill Times (April 4, 2018) on the federal government’s new anti-harassment legislation  (Bill C-65).

Ending Workplace Sexual Misconduct Must Start In The Halls Of Government

THE HUFFINGTON POST By Kathleen Finlay Among our largest employers, governments must set the right tone — a zero-tolerance tone — for sexual misconduct. 02/09/2018 14:44 EST | Updated 02/09/2018 14:44 EST We’ve seen an almost endless procession of headlines chronicling the downfall of luminaries over allegations of sexual misconduct. Actors, producers, broadcasters, comedians and […]

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