Heroes of the Everyday Workplace

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Celebrities, media heavyweights and red carpet galas may have their place in raising awareness about sexual misconduct. But our real heroes are the unsung women who stand up against sexual assault, harassment and retaliation in the everyday workplace and against bosses the media would have no interest in covering. They follow the historic legacy of other ordinary women who stood up for their rights at their time of calling. They do it without the protection of cameras and high-profile positions.  We seldom learn their names. They live their lives away from the spotlight and outside the glare of public scrutiny. Yet they often pay for their decisions to speak out with their careers, their self-esteem and their health. I hear from these women every day. I am one of them. 

We need to listen to these women and learn from what they are saying. Regardless of their backgrounds, education or line of work, these survivors speak with one voice: It’s time to get serious about making the everyday workplace safer, about standing up against bullies and organizations who refuse to be responsible for the harm they permit.  And it is time to help the forgotten victims of sexual misconduct to rebuild their lives. That’s the driving force behind The Zero Now Campaign.


 —Kathleen Finlay, Founder.




What’s your experience with sexual assault, harassment or retaliation in the workplace?  Your story can make a big difference. Let us know here. All information will be kept confidential unless you tell us otherwise.