NBC After Matt Lauer: What’s Changed?

“Thursday will mark one year since Matt Lauer was fired from NBC’s “Today” show for sexual misconduct. But since that reckoning, has NBC News really changed?

The culture and management of NBC News continue to silence women, while parent company Comcast apparently does nothing. It is time to hold the Comcast Board of Directors accountable.

NBC News may have conducted a limited “culture review,” but I continue to hear from women working there that harassment still goes unpunished, that they still face intimidation, and that they still fear for their careers if they complain.”

Linda Vester, both as a victim and an advocate, speaks out. It is yet another instructive case study in how little things have changed in many organizations in the U.S., and especially, in Canada, where the pressure from #MeToo has been more muted as a result of a less probing media and the absence of investigative journalists like Ronan Farrow and Jodi Kantor.