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We’ve updated our Hire Us Back page.  You will find it here


Research consistently confirms that women are reluctant to come forward and report sexual misconduct in the workplace out of fear — especially the fear of harming their careers.  That has been the outcome for too many hard-working women who have been forced to leave their jobs, their industries and even their chosen careers because they stood their ground. We can’t afford to lose so much potential or to allow so much abuse and injustice to go unchallenged.

That’s why The Zero Now Campaign has launched our Hire Us Back initiative. We’re looking for organizations, especially women-led organizations, to join that cause and make a safe and welcoming return to the workplace possible for the women who have been forced to leave it.  They have too much to offer just to be left on the sidelines.

Standing up with and for these courageous heroes of the everyday workplace, and giving them a chance at rebuilding their self-esteem, their economic well-being, and their lives is the best way to show a real commitment to ending sexual misconduct. If you’d like to be part of that cause, contact Kathleen Finlay here.

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One major study of 1,167 public sector employees found that two-thirds who complained of sexual harassment said they suffered retaliation, including dismissal, involuntary transfer or demotion.


Another study revealed that women who were harassed were 6.5 times more likely than those who were not to change jobs. In addition, women who encountered sexual misconduct at work report significantly greater financial stress two years later. The psychological impact of sexual harassment was comparable to the strain caused by serious injury, illness or assault, the study found.




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