Visit Kathleen Finlay’s new advocacy and advisory service specializing in building trauma-informed practices and innovative policies for mitigating harm, fostering healing and spearheading a culture of caring.  We’re bringing compassion to life in governments, public institutions and private corporations.

Whether presenting ground-breaking legislative and policy ideas to law makers, working with the media and in op-eds to give context and background to breaking news stories or supporting victims one-on-one on their harrowing healing journey, The ZeroNow Campaign is one of the world’s most respected voices in combating sexual misconduct and gender-based harm. We take on the causes, conditions and consequences of gender-based abuse and workplace harassment at the source.  And we’re changing lives every day for the better.  



Kathleen Finlay in The Hill Times


See Kathleen Finlay’s CTV News interview on the ZeroNow Campaign’s leaders survey.





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Visit the new site of our 988 Campaign for Canada
CTV National News calls it “three numbers that could make all the difference in saving lives.”

Sexual misconduct is hazardous to your health.

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Telling your story can change the world. 

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From our sunshine law adopted by the federal government and our call for a national action plan to address gender-based violence and suicide risks to career rebuilding innovations like our Hire Us Back campaign, our advocacy and media outreach is not just changing lives. It’s saving them. 


Our Outreach Clinic has provided lived experience and mentoring support for victims one-on-one since its founding.  Not even TimesUpNow does that. 

Ending institutional betrayal

Gender-based violence and sexual harassment are horrific enough when it comes to the actions of the individual predator. But when the collective mind of a large organizations enables their abuse, or acts to protect them, the harm inflicted on the victim can be even more traumatic. 

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Fighting for healing. It’s my story. 

If #MeToo is to be successful in reducing gender-based violence and sexual harassment, we need to know why some organizations and public leaders can get away with continuing to inflict abuse when victims come forward,  and why the culture of fear and silence is still being enforced.  That’s why I’m sharing my story. It’s a classic case of institutional betrayal.

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Latest News

A Few Quick Facts

Most cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault are never reported.

An association of HR professionals calls sexual harassment an epidemic.

Three-in-four sexual harassment claims with the EEOC are said to involve retaliation.

One-third of Canadian women say they have been sexually harassed at work.

Nearly half of working women in the U.S. say they have experienced sexual harassment.

and yet…

94Percent of Canadian executives don’t think sexual misconduct on the job is a problem.
95Percent of Canadian executives are men.
Lessons from the past for the workplace challenges of today

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Looking at how leaders and organizations actually respond to #MeToo issues.

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