About ZeroNow™

Each generation is called upon to play its role in advancing the arc of equity, dignity and respect that defines our common humanity.  The ZeroNow Campaign™ is the voice of survivors speaking out to combat sexual misconduct in all its forms in the workplace, and helping its victims to rebuild their lives. We speak with one voice:  Zero sexual assault. Zero sexual harassment. Zero harm.

Our focus is on the forgotten women of the everyday workplace in Canada and the United States. These are the women that a failed system and, surprisingly often, other women, have left behind when it comes to sexual misconduct and its aftermath.  

By supporting victims with respect, compassion and the experiences of others, by advocating for change and creating healing initiatives that can help survivors rebuild their lives, we think we are making a strategic difference in the lives of those who most need it.

The ZeroNow Campaign™ was founded by Kathleen Finlay who knows the harmful effects of sexual misconduct on lives and careers — both from her own experience and from women around the world who have reached out to her to share their stories. She has been advocating for change and commenting on the devastation caused by sexual misconduct for the past decade.

We’re not celebrities, astronauts or women who make the headlines. We don’t frequent red carpet galas.  We don’t own designer black dresses, or have a big media spotlight to help us find justice.  What too many of us do have are lives and careers that have been shattered because we spoke out and insisted on being treated fairly and with respect.  Because we know the toll that sexual misconduct takes, we know the urgency for genuine change is now.

Our approach is unique. No other #MeToo advocacy takes our integrated, systemic approach to survivor-driven reform.




Supporting victims through our online outreach clinic.

We provide confidential support by sharing the learned experiences of survivors with victims navigating their way through the maze of sexual misconduct emotions, reactions and decisions, and help other women make informed choices about handling sensitive workplace issues.

We were doing this for victims world-wide long before the arrival of #MeToo, and we are the only organization of our kind to provide such workplace-related counselling.


Championing smart changes in law and corporate policy.

Bold changes are needed to effect true zero tolerance and the creation of victim-centred support culture. Several governments, including the government of Canada, have already adopted our sunshine law proposals. We are also working with university students and faculty members across Canada and the U.S. in re-inventing the cumbersome, antiquated and unresponsive approach of learning institutions to preventing and dealing with sexual assault and sexual harassment. 


Mentoring and coaching women in navigating their choices.

Avoiding workplace sexual misconduct, and successfully dealing with it when it occurs, does not happen by accident. There is no substitute for the wisdom-based experiences of survivors who have graduated to become mentors.  Their combined knowledge base of practical, real-world experience offered through ZeroNow™ has no parallel anywhere. 


Rebuilding the lives and careers of survivors through initiatives like our HireUSBack™.

Being given a second chance at safely re-engaging in the workplace is truly a life-altering opportunity for women who have been forced out of their organizations and chosen careers.  


Working with the media and commenting on breaking news.

Promoting awareness of the consequences of sexual misconduct and the way it is often mishandled is an important step in reaching zero harm. We are able to offer the media a candid perspective based on countless personal narratives and victim experiences accumulated over the years, along with a unique emphasis on the reality of #MeToo in the everyday workplace.  Our op-eds and opinion commentaries in the media offer fresh insight and analysis and present breaking news on critical issues of the day not available anywhere else.

We believe if it’s not survivor-driven reform, it’s not real reform. Experience is what separates myth from reality when it comes to sexual misconduct in the workplace. The challenge of zero tolerance can never be met unless it addresses our three imperatives of true survivor-driven reform.

By combining the lessons of these experiences, embracing a spirit of innovation, and spearheading initiatives to help survivors regain the lives that have been stolen from them, we hope to make a transformative difference for women everywhere and, especially, for the forgotten women of the everyday workplace.

If you are a journalist following these stories, a victim of sexual misconduct in the workplace, or a workplace leader interested in giving survivors a second chance at rebuilding their careers and lives, we’d like to hear from you.