If you are in immediate need of help, or if you are in danger from someone or are having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please see crisis hotline numbers at the bottom of this page.

The Zer0Now Campaign is a survivor-focused sexual violence, emotional trauma and mental health advocacy.

— supporting and empowering victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and institutional betrayal in their healing journey

— helping society combat the harms of gender-based violence, trauma-related illness and suicide through policy innovations and victim-friendly practices that promote a culture of awareness, compassion and trauma-informed care

We’ve never followed in advocating zero tolerance for perpetrators of life-altering abuse and enablers of institutional betrayal. We lead in it.




Visit the new site for our 988 Campaign for Canada, “Three numbers that could make all the difference”.
CTV National News.

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Our Campaign to Save Lives: A re-imagined approach to preventing suicide.  A 988 hotline that can be a life ring.


From The Hill Times, February 19, 2020



See Kathleen Finlay’s Interview where CTV National News Anchor Lisa LaFlamme called her campaign “three numbers that could make all the difference.” 

Suicide is becoming an epidemic among some population groups in Canada. Victims of gender-based violence and bullying are especially at risk, as are members of our indigenous communities. We call for a new approach and fresh thinking to address this public health crisis, including a national 988 hotline network that can save lives.

Canadian and U.S. sexual violence hotlines and rape crisis centers 

For non-emergency and mentoring support you can contact The ZeroNow Campaign though our Outreach Clinic

U.S. National Sexual Assault Hotline | Free | 24/7


Canadian and U.S. suicide and self-harm prevention hotlines

For Canadian Residents

For U.K. Residents

More Canadian information.

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