Fighting for You

Combating sexual violence and sexual misconduct in the everyday workplace, The ZeroNow Campaign is powered by survivors to empower victims in rebuilding their lives. Each day day victims, experts and the media around the world look to ZeroNow for insight and inspiration that is making a difference. 

Fighting Institutional Betrayal

It’s what victims of sexual violence call being re-victimized by the system they trusted. Experts call it institutional betrayal. Either way, it’s like being assaulted all over again and it can have profound, even fatal, consequences.

Fighting to Heal

Last year I turned to my former employer to seek long-denied healing for a sexual assault where my boss bullied me into remaining silent. This time it was worse. I was not believed.  I was not supported. I was made to feel like the offender. Then this government tried to muzzle me, Harvey Weinstein style, from talking about it.