Premier Ford’s True #MeToo Colours

Premier Doug Ford ducks a question in the Ontario Legislature about his failure to respond properly to the mishandling of an incident of sexual assault and bullying to cover it up by the Ontario Securities Commission.  Watch the video.

Watch the statement made in the Ontario Legislature by Nathalie Des Rosiers, MPP in connection with the mishandling by Premier Doug Ford of Kathleen Finlay’s complaint and attempts by the Ontario Securities Commission and the Premier’s Office to silence her from speaking out about an incident of sexual assault.

“I’ll protect them with my life”.
— Premier Doug Ford’s promise to victims of sexual violence.

Watch the video.

Since assuming office on June 29, 2018, Doug Ford’s administration has made one decision after another which has hit victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and vulnerable women in abusive relationships and lower-income jobs, the hardest.  Continue reading…

MPP supports Kathleen Finlay’s call for trauma-informed practices in Ontario government.