Our Time

There have been times when women have stood up and said  “Enough!”  


Enough about not being permitted to enrol in law school or medical school — just because we are women.  


Enough about not having the right to vote — just because we are  women.  


Enough about being treated differently and not being allowed to compete for certain jobs — just because we are women.  


Each one of these inflection points yielded change that uplifted the lives of wives, mothers, sisters and daughters and took society along with it. In each case these heroic animators that pushed history forward made it possible for others to build on those accomplishments. They would have been disappointed if we did not avail ourselves of that opportunity, especially in this time of reckoning.  


This is our time. And as countless women find the courage to come forward and speak out, to demand change or to seek healing and justice for previous abuses, we all find the courage to stand up against the evil of sexual misconduct.  When our many voices become one, it is a power that cannot be held back.  


We all need to make sure that this voice is heard, and with it, the hopes of survivors will be realized that the price women have paid in the past with their dignity, health and careers in a toxic workplace will not have to be paid by others.


This is the call of history that summons us all and defines our purpose at the The Zero Now Campaign.









“I saw what could be done for I had a vision of a new world as I talked.”

—Nellie McClung, 1945 | Canadian trailblazer in the movement that won women the right to vote, first recognized in Manitoba in 1916. Later, as one of “The Famous Five” of the Persons Case, she successfully fought for Canadian women to be recognized as “qualified persons” eligible to hold public office.