Our Vision | Values | Mission

Traditional approaches to dealing the workplace virus of sexual misconduct that persists and grows well into the 21st century have not worked. This is illustrated not just by the expanding list of celebrity miscreants in entertainment, broadcasting, business and politics, but, and perhaps more significantly, by the painful experiences of women in the everyday workplace where the media spotlight never shines.  

When women speak up, we have a responsibility to listen to them and to believe them. —Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada 

We hear from them every day. They, and their life-changing ordeals, have been forgotten too long. Removing that fog of invisibility and recognizing that these women, too, have value that deserve to be recognized and needs that should be addressed is what drives The ZeroNow Campaign™


The conclusion is clear: if we want real progress in creating a zero tolerance workplace, where women are truly safe and the cost of standing up against sexual impropriety is not the loss of a job or career for the victim, bolder action is required.


Our Vision | Values 

We see a future where Zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in the workplace is the norm and incidents of sexual misconduct rare. This means: Zero sexual assault. Zero sexual harassment. Zero retaliation. It is a future where:


Survivors of sexual misconduct, who have been forced to give up their jobs and leave their careers, will be safely and compassionately welcomed back to the workplace by our best organizations because in standing up to unethical and illegal deeds, these survivors have displayed remarkable moral courage of the kind that every organization needs.

Women are believed and supported when they speak out, where bystanders are empowered to act when they see wrongdoing and where investigations into sexual misconduct are fair and compassionate.

Organizations understand and follow best practices for preserving a culture that respects everyone’s dignity and self-esteem and where men and women alike are valued for their common humanity and as unique contributors to the arc of progress that should never be interrupted by the avoidable evil of sexual misconduct or gender discrimination.

Society hears the call of its conscience, as well as its own interest, in demanding an end to sexual misconduct and to the devastation it causes to lives and careers, and to the potential that is robbed from it when the women who could have risen and excelled in their professions and made untold contributions in every field are instead left on the sidelines and in the shadows. 


Yes, this is a dream.  But for those of us who have had enough of the endless nightmares that come with sexual assault, harassment and reprisals in the workplace, it is a dream worth fighting for because nothing less will do.


Our Mission

Our goal is to produce meaningful changes that advance a true zero tolerance agenda while helping to restore the self-esteem and shattered careers of the forgotten victims of sexual misconduct in the everyday workplace. —Kathleen Finlay, founder, The Zero Now Campaign™

We advocate for changes in laws and organizational practices to advance a true zero tolerance culture; give voice and support to victims and women seeking a safer, more respectful workplace and guidance in dealing with the challenge and trauma of sexual harassment; partner with others to help rebuild the lives and careers of those who have been harmed; and work with the media to raise awareness about the toll that sexual misconduct takes on the lives of women in the everyday workplace and on the capabilities of a productive economy.  As far as we know, no other organization provides this combination of advocacy work, outreach support and career rebuilding for survivors.


Our Call for Action

We advance our goals by putting forward practical but powerful ideas to effect meaningful change.  Most have not been raised anywhere else. We focus on five major proposals in our call for action.


If you are a journalist following these stories, a victim of sexual misconduct in the workplace, or a business leader interested in giving survivors a second chance at rebuilding their careers and lives, we’d like to hear from you.