Our Initiatives: Hire US Back™ | Opening the Door Again™

Achieving zero tolerance for sexual misconduct is about more than nice sounding words.  It’s about deeds that make a real difference in protecting women  — and their careers — when they speak out.  Too many women have paid with their jobs and careers because they’ve reported sexual assault and harassment, and are faced with significant barriers to re-entering the workplace as a result. It’s time for our best organizations to stand up and make a place for women who are both too talented and morally tested to be just left on the sidelines.


Research consistently confirms that women are reluctant to come forward and report sexual misconduct in the workplace out of fear — especially the fear of harming their careers. That has been the outcome for too many hard-working women who have been forced to leave their jobs, their industries and even their chosen careers because they stood their ground. When this is the aftermath of speaking out, the consequences to a woman’s income, health and self-esteem can be significant and often amount to another form of victimization. As a society, and as a productive economy that builds upon talent and experience, we can’t afford to leave so many women on the sidelines or lose their potential.


Hire US Back™

That’s why The ZeroNow Campaign™ launched our Hire Us Back initiative. Standing up with and for these courageous heroes of the everyday workplace and helping to rebuild their careers is the best stand any leader or organization can take when it comes to fighting discrimination and sexual misconduct.  


We work with the best organizations in creating a safe and flexible way for women to overcome the many barriers that can arise in the wake of these life-altering incidents and find a way back to a rewarding career and livelihood. Of course, only organizations with a proven commitment to zero tolerance, and a strong record of protecting women from sexual misconduct and of following best practices for dealing with it in the few occasions when it occurs, are eligible to partner with us in our Hire US Back™ initiative.


Our role, in addition to ensuring this high standard of aspiration and compliance, is to promote the organization’s involvement in this ground-breaking initiative and work with it to implement our Hire US Back™ blueprint of program steps, resources and support tools necessary to attract survivors and integrate them safely back into the workplace.  Our approach, and the entire content of our Hire US Back™ program, is unique because it is based on The ZeroNow Campaign’s™ first-hand experiences and teachable lessons of survivors themselves. There is no other comparable learning base of experiences and knowledge available anywhere.


Our daily contact with victims and survivors over the past many years tells us that survivors of sexual misconduct dream of a day when they can move beyond their often traumatic experience and have a normal working life again.  By getting behind and supporting our Hire US Back™ initiative, our best organizations can help make those dreams happen and help themselves by adding to their pool of morally tested employees while enjoying reputation gains among a number of key constituencies in the process.  


Hire US Back™ is a gateway to new beginnings in so many important ways. Would you like to discuss becoming a Hire US Back™ employer?


Please contact Kathleen Finlay for more information.





If it’s a Google-able event, chances are, they won’t get hired anywhere.

—Attorney Lawrence Bohm, who represented physician’s assistant Ani Chopourian in her successful 2012 lawsuit against Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento.


One  study revealed that women who were harassed were 6.5 times more likely than those who were not to change jobs. In addition, women who encountered sexual misconduct at work report significantly greater financial stress two years later. The psychological impact of sexual harassment was comparable to the strain caused by serious injury, illness or assault, the study found.


I was really lost for a few years.  I had my career taken away from me.

—Kellie Boyle, a former political communications consultant, on the fallout from being harassed by Roger Ailes in 1989. 


Most executives do not want to hire a whistleblower.

—Former U.S. Navy lieutenant Paula Coughlin who blew the whistle about sexual misconduct in the Navy during a 1992 lawsuit.  Unable to find a  job of comparable status, she opened a yoga studio.  More than 25 years after the incident, she’s still teaching yoga. She admits she isn’t hopeful of landing a better position. 


Our Hire US Back initiative has the potential to directly transform the lives of these forgotten women who are just too valuable to society to be left on the sidelines. They deserve to dream again, too.

—Kathleen Finlay in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging the Government of Canada to become a Hire US Back employer.