It is a measure of just how perverse institutional betrayal is that while sexual violence is generally inflicted by a perpetrator acting alone, and is often a crime of opportunity that is unplanned, by contrast, institutional betrayal is the product of the purportedly rational mind of a corporate or organizational entity, acting in a deliberate and premeditated fashion, frequently with the approval of an eminent and respected board of directors following the advice of legal counsel.

In many situations, these are celebrated and highly valued organizations, including universities, publicly listed corporations, military bodies and government agencies. When they act out in a way that harms victims, experts warn that the damage can be as profound and life-altering in its toxic impact as the original incident of sexual violence or sexual harassment.  In some cases, it can be ever more trauma inducing.  

If we want to end sexual violence and sexual harassment, we need to end the culture of betrayal, retaliation and silence that too often confronts women who speak out. No woman should ever be disrespected, threatened or gagged because she stood up against injustice and wrongdoing. And no victim of sexual violence should have to pay with her job, career, dignity, health or peace of mind because she came forward. The ZeroNow Campaign™ empowers women in the workplace, in the community and on the campuses in standing against the forces of institutional betrayal that enable harm to continue. We are the only advocacy to adopt this goal as a part of our mission. It needs to be a crucial focus for the next #MeToo chapter. Want to help? Contact The ZeroNow Campaign™.

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“It was like being sexually assaulted all over again.” Read more about institutional betrayal.

Source: OSC Annual Report 2018








Corporate Governance and Institutional Betrayal — An unfolding case.